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Having my atlas corrected with AtlasPROfilax has changed my life. My entire life, I was very aware of the fact that one of my legs was significantly longer than my other. I figured that this was relatively normal and didn’t think much of it. I adapted and made it work to my advantage in my athletics and otherwise, but it had its disadvantages as well. With that, I always suffered from pains in my lower back. I figured that my core was just weak and so I focused on strengthening it, but it didn’t help. Talking to Zana of AtlasPROfilax in Ontario, she informed me that the reason for the difference in my leg length and the cause of my back pain were related. The problem was that my hips were rotated and misaligned. When Zana corrected my atlas, the effects were instantaneous. My legs immediately adjusted to half the difference they used to be. What I also had never realized before was that the range of motion in my neck had been pathetic. Immediately after being corrected, I felt like an owl and was able to turn my head to be parallel with my shoulders. Six months later and my legs are completely level, my back pain has decreased to almost nothing and my posture has improved tremendously. 23 years of pain and Zana was able to cure all my ailments with just a five minute procedure. She explained exactly what she was going to do, she explained exactly how the process worked, and she made me feel completely comfortable throughout. I could not be happier with the results and the treatment and I believe that every single person should have it done. It will not be regretted.
­David Echevarria, NY

Hey Snjezana!
I just wanted to let you know that these past two weeks have been a truly transformative process for me. I’m feeling so so much better than I have in months, it’s amazing the difference that Atlasprofilax has made in my life so far! Thank you so much for all your help, I cannot honestly express how thankful I am.

Thanks again!
Theo, Rochester

The next day I felt energetic physically and mentally really clear. My posture feels improved. I noticed that I get comfortable with more ease when I put my head on a pillow. I used to take forever to get comfortable. Interesting. I also feel less odd sensations in my left ear; not a pain but more of a blocked feeling. It’s totally gone. My ROM is better.
Marianne, Toronto

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Hi Zana.

I came to see you with a host of problems, including loose ligaments necessitating frequent trips to the chiropractor, fibromyalgia, and constant pain and discomfort in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. I was also experiencing headaches and spasms in my chest, shoulders, neck and upper back.

It’s now been over a month since my atlas adjustment and I’m very pleased with my progress.
Immediately in your office after the correction my neck and shoulders felt more comfortable. I continue to experience this more relaxed state, resulting in far less pain in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. My headaches have also decreased as well and I’m not getting the spreading chest spasms which were so debilitating.
I also felt my energy channels open up right away, resulting in a more expansive and optimistic viewpoint of life which continues to this day.
Life is far more pleasant than it was, both physically and mentally, and I’m really looking forward to see what changes occur in the months ahead.
Thank you so very much Zana for your help.

Linda C., Toronto
I was suffering so much pain and exhaustion from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia that I had to sit hunched over in a wheelchair just to wait in line for sessions.  I’d fallen ill just before my 30th birthday and spent the last nine months plagued with intense anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, muscle aching and burning, and unbearable exhaustion.  It had forced to quit my teaching job, rely on my husband and mom to drive me everywhere, and instead of spending my time hiking, skiing and running marathons, I went to doctors appointments and rested on the couch.    Zana took one look at me and was instantly reassuring.  She explained how AtlasPROfilax could work to realign top vertebrae and ultimately bring my posture and entire body back into alignment with increased energy, circulation, and health throughout.  Thanks to Zana, I left the conference with much hope and a few weeks later met  up with her to receive the treatment!  My atlas, was in fact, quite shifted and Zana worked patiently and reassuringly to realign it.  The session was very intense for me, I felt a lot of heat and energy move and afterwards a lot of emotion  came up.  I went home exhausted but also relieved and content.  I slept for twelve hours  and then the next day, was unbelievably able to go skiing for the first time all winter!  It’s been three weeks since my treatment and I continue to feel the benefits.  I’m able to concentrate with increased clarity, my energy now allows me to participate in light yoga and gardening, and the fibromyalgia  burning and aching symptoms are much more fleeting.  Zana continues to remind me not to get discouraged if I experience symptom flare ups; it is my body’s way of working itself out as it realigns.   I am forever grateful to Zana, for her healing, for her reassurance, and for the hope she has given me to return to my vision of health.  I trust her immensely and have highly recommended her to many friends and family.  You’ll know, just by talking with Zana and reading her testimonials, if AtlasPROfilax is the right healing path for you!

Tyne P.,

Dear Harreson

Just prior to my Atlas adjustment I was seeing my chiropractor anywhere from once a week to 1-3 times a month sometimes more. Due to numerous car accidents (6 which I were not at fault). I would like to add, since you adjusted me I feel awesome and don’t have the need to go there. I have also notice I feel taller and straighter.

Over all I feel wonderful! Thank you!!

Jenn Mulrooney
Calgary, Alberta


I found the correction procedure to be extremely intense (painful) but almost immediately my neck was free of the constant pain I had felt.  Previously, the pain would radiate up into my skull and behind my eyes.  It really never went away.  I realized later that I had just learned to live with it.  After the correction I went back to lifting weights.  Oh my!  What a difference!!  I could hold my head up straight.  My posture was perfect.  It was so much easier to lift weights.  My whole body just worked so much more efficiently.  Even my bowels move more regularly.

As extreme as the correction was, I would do it again and again to have these results.  Thankfully, once in a lifetime is all I’ll need!!  Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful provision.  I’m a new person.

I’m sure we’ll be making annual trips up to see you with different friends and family that want to “join the bandwagon”!!  Thank you again.

Meg Harrington


. . . I just want to say that the Atlasprofilax adjustment went well, and immediately the energy started flowing differently in my body so that I felt lighter. As I aged, it was becoming difficult for me to walk, but that problem seems to have vanished.

Also, an injury in my intestine seems finally to have begun to heal! I tried everything with it, and was becoming exhausted from it – the pain did not permit me to sleep – but I’ve now begun to sleep.

The trauma from all that I went through often had me close to tears, and that trauma has simply left my body!

Because of a previous overdoes of thyroid – and other things, I often felt pain from the flow of energy in my body, and that also seems to have eased!It’s quite amazing! I feel quite blessed!

Hugs to all who suggested the adjustment and to Claude who did it so easily for me.


I am a woman of 51 years. I had a car accident 5 years ago and I have been ill since the accident. I have had numbness on the right side of my body, a quarter size hot spot in the region of my liver with associated aching in the region, I have had steady tugging in my throat where a minor surgery has been conducted, I have had nausea, I have had a strange slipping away (slipping down) feeling and I have experienced a marked loss of energy, my energy being less than half what it normally is and my strength too has been even more diminished. I have also had a feeling of infection in my teeth and the bones of my jaw, I have pressure inside my head and general foggy brain. I have never given into depression but I have had a long separation from my love of life. I tried many many different approaches and have had some level of relief but nothing lasting and when it returns it is worse.
Recently I changed chiropractors and my new chiropractor said that my head is pushed very far forward on the atlas. She found it very resistant. Around this time I also went to see Dr. Hui. I told him of my many symptoms. He recommended I have this AtlasPROfilax treatment and gave me the contact number for Snjezana. Immediately after the treatment the numbness on my right side disappeared, with perhaps a minor 8% or so still there, now, a week later I am not really sure it is there at all. In the days that have followed I have been very tight almost everywhere in my body the muscles have rebelled yet I have amazing range of motion, the spot on my liver is no longer yelling at me, my energy is remarkably better, my strength is returning. I am no longer slipping away or crying all the time, nor do I wake at night worried about where this journey is willing to take me. I no longer have a dark halo over my right eye. My peripheral vision has become much sharper. And, I am happy – again! I have not been truly happy in many years.

I still have infection in my face and jaw and teeth and my ear on that side feels full but the brain fog is hugely better and the general feeling in my head is no longer ominous. I suspect that Snjezana’s suggestion that I have improved drainage is apt.

I am very grateful for this work. I believe in cures and I believe that there are people who care and who are sharp and who really earn their way in life, though it seems there is less of it. I am very happy with my results and with all those who nudged me along until I found this help.

Gratefully, Marie Graff

Hello Snjezana,

I promised I’d write to tell you about my experience after the Atlas treatment, which I had about three months ago.

The most immediate and dramatic outcome has been that a knee that had been a problem in the past and again in the six months leading up to the treatment seems to be well on the road to recovery. I’ve had occasional pain, sometimes in different areas than where it was bothering me, sometimes in the same spot. These experiences come and go. For the most part that knee is pain free and I am starting to have massage to relieve stiffness.

Stiffness dating back to an injury in an auto accident has come back from time to time in passing.

Some days I feel I’m getting younger every day. Other days I have no energy. I need more sleep than usual. It feels like recovering from surgery.

For three years I had had pain and tightness in my shoulders and elbows. Many days I do not feel this at all. My shoulders are noticeably looser. Other times a spot will get tight. Again I am having massage treatments to assist the process.

I have the sense that I am in an intense healing process and feel quite optimistic about the long-term benefits.

Wishing you every success your work!
Helen Williams

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40 years ago I was driving to work when I got rear-ended by a school bus. It was a bad accident and besides the whiplash I had injuries in my back, legs, neck and shoulders. I started getting extremely strong headaches and migraines and bad pains throughout my whole body. The pain was getting so bad that I couldn’t walk or sit for longer than 20 minutes. The worst part was that I couldn’t sleep at night from the pains. I was constantly tired and had bad dizzy spells and fell down often from not having any strength in my spine.

I went to all kinds of different therapies and was on many strong pain killers, which had bad side effects. Nothing was helping me.

One morning God answered my prayers and I heard about Atlasprofilax on the radio. I knew that this was something that could help me. On August 25th, 2010 I went to see Snjezana Filipovic and had my atlas corrected. My dizziness and loss of balance went away immediately after that and I felt great for the first time in 40 years. My body still hurts sometimes, but just taking one Aspirin usually takes care of the pain. When there is pain now, it is bearable. I started getting my strengths back and am not loosing my balance anymore. I never fell since then. I sometimes still get mild headaches, but am not in bed for 3 days because of them. I haven’t had a migraine since I had the correction done. I am thankful to God for sending me Snjezana.

I would recommend this to anybody who is suffering like I was and am sure that it will be as helpful as it was to me. I feel like I got my life back at age 75. At 75 I feel better than when I was 42.

Ivanka Rada
Hamilton, ON
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Zana, I just wanted to thank you again for your skill and patience in working with me on the atlas bone adjustment.  Prior to seeing you, my knees had been very sore over the previous six months or so, and every step taken was considered.  The day before seeing you, my sciatica nerve in my hip was starting up in its usual cycle of discomfort and pain.  Your atlas treatment was not at all unpleasant, and the pressure you directed on my skull bones-muscle tissue was not painful, just intense pressure – which was certainly tolerable.

Not really knowing what to expect, I must say I was very pleasantly surprised to find that within two weeks of seeing you, the pain in my knees slowly disappeared, to the point that I went out and bought myself a rather tarty pair is wedgie shoes – how is that for a speedy recovery!

Not only did the sciatic pain not materialize, I find myself standing up taller, with greater head movement ranges, and am breathing more easily!

Thank you again…
Linda S

BIG “WOW”, why didn’t anyone tell me that my Atlas was my problem? I have been suffering from a herniated disc in my neck since 1990.I have had pain in my neck along with tight muscles and restricted head movements. A cracking or crunching sound when I turned my head left or right. My spine was constantly aching, along with my lower back. In the last 4 years my left leg, from my hip to the top of my knee has gone numb with tingling. I haven’t had a good night sleep in about 20 years; I would always wake up more tired then when I went to bed and the nights seem to fly by so fast. There is a lot more wrong with me then right.

Well, this has all changed since u corrected my atlas, I felt totally different walking out of your office and getting into my car. With in the first hour, the tingling in my leg decreased by 50% and three days later it was gone. The numbness is still their, but I feel it decreasing a little every day. My leg was my biggest fear at the moment, because I know a nerve was being pinched pretty hard and I do know this will take months if not years to repair the damage that has been done. If this was the only correction from my adjustment I would still be happy, because everything else I have tried has done nothing. My legs are more relaxed now and my nights seem to last forever. I do not wake up tiered any more and for the first time in 10 years, I rode my bike and felt great. I am on the road now were more will be right with me then wrong.

A BIG THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY HELPING ME OUT. I will keep u posted on my progress over the next few months, even years.

Craig P.
Oakville, Ontario
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MY TESTIMONIAL – Dr Robert A. Pope, Chiropractic Physician

I had the privilege of experiencing the AtlasPROfilax massag treatment from Troy Roper last year in August 2006. I must admit I was skeptical when it came to the claim that this was a onetime correction of the atlas misalignment. I am a Chiropractor with more than 30 years of experience in the study and correction of misaligned spinal components. I have been seeking quality correction for a very long time. Just before starting my chiropractic training, I recall being treated by a Chiropractor in 1976 who had invented a machine that he claimed would permanently correct the misalignment of the Atlas and Axis (C1 and C2 vertebrae). My experience was that it did not last. I have had many, many adjustments of my atlas since and have performed thousands of adjustments on patients over the years. The promise of permanence has been sought by chiropractors and healers for over a century! Is it possible? Maybe now, for the first time.

Nothing I have experienced nor performed has given the benefits and results that this onetime treatment has. The experience to date with the AtlasProfilax treatment is that my atlas has maintained proper alignment and function. I have felt GREAT!
The chronic pain at the base of my skull is gone. I am more balanced and empowered in my life. My energy is consistent and my overall sense of well-being is harmony and peace. Can this onetime treatment do this for everyone? I don’t know, but it is an essential piece of the puzzle!

The difference between the AtlasPROfilax treatment and chiropractic is that the correction of the mis-aligned atlas is not done through osseous manipulation. The correction is accomplished by a very specific and unique correction of soft tissues that support the articulation and alignment of the vertebra. There is nothing in chiropractic that matches this process. In fact, I would highly recommend every chiropractor and chiropractic patient have this correction done. It will save the patient and the doctor of Chiropractic from unnecessary suffering and ineffective treatments. Now this does not replace chiropractic. Once the atlasPROfilax correction is accomplished, the ongoing supportive alignment of the spine and pelvis must be maintained to further support healing and well-being.

In the toolbox of treatments that make a difference, the AtlasPROfilax treatment is a must!

Thank you Troy for bringing this to me and for trusting that a chiropractor would have the courage and awareness to try something new in spinal care an be benefitted by the expertise and genious of ther.

Dr. Robert A. Pope, chiropractic Physician

2682 S. Highland Dr. Suite 103
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
801 486-9600
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HI just to give you an update

Before correction – I would have a migraine roughly every 3 weeks that would very in intensity.  Treatment has included prescription drug – Zomig ( 1 tablet followed by another 2 hours later if the first tablet was not enough – then nothing for 24 hours, that’s where the  , +/- Ibuprofen came in. So days i would have to go right to bed in a dark room and very quiet.

After correction – for the first week I had a mild migraine daily, still requiring the Zomig.  Gradually the intensity has diminished and the frequency between episodes lengthened.  February 2010 was the first month I did not have a migraine.  It has been about 6 weeks now since the last one.

Thanks so much for your help

Before Atlas Correction: backpain, sore leg muscles, trouble sleeping, pain in buttocks when seated for extended periods

After Atlas Correction: All troubles are reduced greatly. I am a cross country runner and have always endured pain in calf muscles and achilles tendon. Since my atlas correction this pain is almost gone. After only three weeks. Now I run much longer and faster.

H. P. Age 57
Orangeville, ON

Dear Zana, I am grateful to Malcom for our introduction! I was in my first car accident in my late teens and probably have had a dozen nasty falls off swings always banging my head as a child. In my twenties, I was in a motorcycle accident. It’s difficult to look back on my past and note when my body showed reactions to all the falls and accidents.
I have spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy and all kinds of alternative treatments adjusting my frame. My right leg was always a few centimetres longer than the left. My hips, right knee and ankle were always out of alignment and with this came all kinds of maladies. Crossing my legs would always end up giving me trouble in my hip, my ankle after long distances of driving keeping it flexed would take me days to get over a chronic pain, wearing high heels I was always going over on my ankle so afraid I would break it one day, lifting anything would affect these areas. Because my carriage was uneven, my hips not square affected my whole body. I wouldn’t be surprised if it effected my digestion and elimination as well.
This doesn’t include all the pills mostly laced with codeine I took to take away the pain. Such a chain reaction that did nothing but disguise an underlying problem that was NEVER being addressed. All the treatments I had done were only temporary, scary to think this was over a 30 year period!!
I can tell you this; I cross my legs no issue, I drive long distances no sore ankle; I wear high heels and feel square and solid that I don’t falter on my right side anymore. For several weeks I felt more grounded and balanced on the ground. It was a strange sensation at first. You changed my whole stance! I forgot to mention I can equalize now so I can dive where I couldn’t before. Showering would plug my ears. My jaw doesn’t click when I eat. You said an adjustment like this can bring more oxygenated blood to the brain; my question could this have helped my eyesight? Anyway, it makes perfect sense if your body is aligned my bones, organs, everything attached to this and more have been affected by this simple adjustment you perform. One of these days I want you in Collingwood to introduce everyone to your treatment. No pills, no surgery, no lifelong exercises, no change to my diet just a simple adjustment to my Atlas bone, Im so happy and will never forget you. Thanks and all my Love Josie

Good Afternoon:
At some point, I’ve discussed the amazing benefits I have received from Atlasprofilax treatment with yourself, for yourself or for someone that you know. There are only a few practitioners in Western Canada that do this treatment and Harreson is one of them. He will be in Edmonton and Calgary as mentioned below. Please pass this along.

I can say that it has been one of the strongest recommendations that I can give for all of the benefits that it was for me. I have full mobility of my neck and have done over a dozen hours of yoga in the past few weeks that there is no way that I could have achieved without this treatment! I also skied 19 km last week which there is no way that I would have been able to do without this treatment.

After my October 2010 car accident, injuries to my upper cervical spine left me barely moving and in a dangerous and precarious position. I wore a neck brace for more than a year. I also had paralysis to the left side of my face, which is completely gone after ONE Atlasprofilax treatment. I no longer have the (joker) face of a stroke victim. The TMJ to the left side of my jaw is completely gone after ONE treatment. The ‘dead’ feeling muscles which control the moment of my left eye are fully functional again after ONE treatment. It is the best $300 I have ever spent in my life. I am extraordinarily grateful to have my ‘life’ back from this treatment. Should you have any questions for me on the amazing results of my treatment, please feel free to ask.

Lara Zukiwski,
Edmonton Alberta

This adjustment has been a doorway into a new relationship I now have with my body. I am feeling physically freer in my movements, am able to feel greater ease when at rest and more energetic in my everyday life. My experience was so dramatic that after the third day post treatment I cancelled a foot surgery I had been waiting for years to obtain. The immediate awareness that returned to this weakened leg gave me access to re-strengthen it. This awareness has lead to a letting go of old postural holding patterns that have become no longer necessary and my body is finding itself able to retain alignment with a durable ease that I have not felt since I was a kid. I am truly grateful for having received this treatment; it has shifted me into a fuller life. I have brought my children to Claude and would recommend this treatment to nearly everyone.

Catherine H. RMT
Vancouver, BC
Hi Zana,
I came to see you in the hopes that the correction would help with neck problems, ear problems and sinus problems – all on my left side.  These issues, I believe are directly related to several whiplash injuries (from car accidents) I sustained over the years.  Also, it was difficult for me to do anything that involved having my arms outstretched and raised in front/above me.  This would sometimes cause nausea to the point where I would have to stop what I was doing and sit down.

Since the adjustment, the most noticeable improvement I have seen is ease of movement and range of movement of my head.  It is still swiveling back and forth like a well-oiled machine (most of the time…).  While my vertebrae at the location of my whiplash injury is still tender, it seems much improved overall as well.  I think with proper exercise, this would feel even better.  (Have to work on that one…..)  The nausea related to the arms issue as above seems improved as well.  I have not had much improvement in my sinus and ear issues and am still working on finding something that will improve these areas.

My experience having this procedure done was a positive one and I would recommend others to investigate it and give it a try if they feel it may help with their conditions.  I might add that the procedure does hurt at times but was well worth it for me.

Wishing you continued good health and happiness.
Thanks again,

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I have had chronic neck pain and also headaches and have seen a chiropractor for 21 years.  I also have shoulder and back pain, as well as a herniated disc in my lower back.  I feel that the AtlasPROfilax method is a vital step in the improvement of my overall health.

Now that it’s in place, I have much more mobility in the neck and all the effort involved in keeping my neck and head together is gone.  There is a great deal of physical relief as my atlas is in the place that nature actually intended.

I get tested for my body weight distribution between the two sides, on two scales, at my chiropractor’s office.  I had a 20 lb difference between the left and right side ever since they started the testing – pretty much all year – but after the Atlas PROfilax treatment, I am distributing my body weight exactly evenly between the two sides.  That is pretty amazing and no coincidence.

Also, the thermal and symmetry scans done by my chiropractor are showing that my body is more balanced and much less stressed.  I assume that is because the extra strain involved in holding the atlas in an incorrect position is removed.

I would highly recommend the AtlasPROfilax method and I’ve already referred some of my friends to Zana for the correction. They have also been amazed at the increased mobility of their neck afterwards.

Melanie D.
Just a short note, as promised, to let you know how I am doing.
It is now going on 55 days since I last took a migraine drug. I have only been using Homeopathic remedies and am doing very well…thanx to your help! When I tried to use the homeopathic remedy before, the migraine drug would block it but now I can get some relief.
Before I had the “AtlasProFilax” correction, I was taking the drugs every day and if I tried to stop, I would most certainly get a migraine. Therefore, I was having a migraine every day! I was dependant on the drug! By the way, the information written on the drug said it was “NOT TO BE TAKEN ON A DAILY BASIS”!
Now, I am getting as much as 7-8 days without having a migraine! This is fabulous and unbelieveable! The migraines can still be quite debilitating, but, it’s much easier to handle when I know that within 12-24 hours I will have a few days without pain!

Ed & Nicole
p.s. Nicole’s sister Monyc is also enjoying her new life without shoulder pain and getting lots more sleep!
I am a woman in my fifties and suffered most of my life from headaches and migraines.
I have tried almost every healing technique available on the planet and nothing
really worked. In april 2008, I was introduced to Atlasprofilax® and had my Atlas
corrected. Immediately within 5 minutes, I noticed my tinnitus had disappeared and the musculature in my neck, shoulders and upperback relaxed. I also was able to breath deeper without having to think about it consciously.
I also noticed that my eyesight and hearing improved. Feelings of joy and happiness returned and I experience high levels of energy everyday, enabling me to be physically active more and more.
But above all, my headaches seem to belong to the past ….

Shuswap Lake, B.C.

After 3 months of the AtlasProfilax wellness method:

My right eye focused immediately after the treatment, I noticed my legs evened up within minutes as well. I feld cracking and snapping in my ear and jaw for one day, and since everything is fine. My C5 pinched nerve released in six days. My shoulders immediately went down and back. I also right away noticed my sitting was more upright in booths and chairs. My dressmaker hump in the back of my neck has reduced 90% over one month.

Chris L., Dressmaker
Victoria,  B.C.
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I am happy with my adjustment. My back is stronger. If something goes wrong with it, it straightens itself out, by itself and fairly quickly. Also, My muscle strength is very much improved. Last year, I was totally unable to open a storage compartment by myself. This year, I CAN open it by myself, very well.I am happy with my adjustment. My back is stronger. If something goes wrong with it, it straightens itself out, by itself and fairly quickly.

Susan L., Age 70


My atlas has probably been out since birth because I always had eczema and my identical twin sister had perfect skin. But in 1999 after slipping down a flight of stairs the ECZEMA flared up out of control and got worse and worse for 9 years. The only option was steroids for life, but I wanted to find the source of my problem, not just deal with the symptoms. My whole body ITCHED 24/7, worse than a mosquito bite or poison ivy. My skin turned pink and felt and looked like a bad sunburn. The skin thickened to LEATHER SKIN and PEELED so badly it felt like sandpaper, and I always had “snow” on my shoulders from my face and scalp. My eyes were swollen, sometimes swollen shut. I had tens of small pimples on my skin. My NECK could not turn to 11:00 or 1:00, and several times a day it felt like knives were either cutting across the front of my neck or a dagger was stabbing me that only ice could calm down.
My SKIN was so thick my wrists didn’t bend much and my fingers had cuts like paper cuts all over. It hurt to bend forward or reach up. I could only have natural fibers like cotton or rayon touch my skin or it felt like acid was burning me. I didn’t have ENERGY and had to take naps to get through the day, and my thinking was sometimes FOGGY. I was like ‘Goldie Locks’ in that I had to have a mattress that was “just right” or I had LOWER BACK PAIN. Since I had NUMBNESS down both arms that would wake me up at night, I knew that an atlas adjustment would help the numbness, but never thought it would help my other symptoms too.
I tried two methods, but the adjustments just didn’t hold even 2 weeks. The day after my first adjustment 85% of my itching stopped. I heard about AtlasPROFilax in Germany and thought it had to be too good to be true, but only regretI didn’t go this route much sooner. Zana patiently corrected my atlas in such a professional manner that inspired confidence in her skills. It has been over 6 months since my AtlasPROFilax correction and it is still holding. I am still in the process of healing but my skin is soft, and all the other symptoms are under control. I have no more lower back pain, my feet point straight forward, I have energy, my thinking is clear, I have no tension in my neck and I cannot remember when I had my last headache. AtlasPROFilax has given me back my life. Everyone I know who has had this correction has been helped with a variety of symptoms. I agree with another testimonial, ‘If you do one thing for your health, you should
have an AtlasPROFilax correction.’”
KO, Brooklyn NY. Age 49


Dear Harreson
First off, best $ spent in a long time. Well worth it. I can see when I look in the mirror that I am standing straight, no tip of the head or shoulder lower. A twist in my spine is no longer there. When I sit, both hands rest on my thighs evenly. Before, my right hand was inches back from my left. I have felt my collarbone tilt up a bit and my pelvis tip back a bit, levelling both. There is an opening or expanding in my chest or ribcage that feels really good. When I walk long distances my lower back does not ache as it sometimes did before. I feel I now have a good solid foundation to build on for my yoga and workouts. Before, because I wasn’t aligned, I was pushing against the river so to speak. Your hands are extremely sensitive and radiate kindness and warmth, and your adjustments are non traumatic and lastingly effective. I also have not had the dark energy behind my head and neck since you used the magnet on it.

Thanks! I am very happy!
Jill H.
Toronto, Ontario
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I am in my early 40’s and have been suffering from headaches and migraines for over 25 years.  I have suffered for almost about the same time with TMJ, which causes facial, shoulder and neck pain.  My thinking has been foggy for very long now and my energy level has almost always been low.  For a long time now too I have had much difficulty in sleeping.  I have always clenched at night for the whole night and my legs just don’t feel relax and have always crossed my legs on and off all night. I have twist and turn in bed for a long time, cannot remember when that started. My arms have felt either heavy or tense and at times numb which would wake me up at night.  Needless to say when I would wake up I felt tired and irritated, not really ready to start the day.   Now a lot has changed since my Atlas adjustment.  I have more energy and my thinking is clear.  My jaw is relaxed and so are my legs and arms.  My headaches and migraines are not as intense and they do not last as long as before.  I look forward to not getting them at all and it seems like I am heading there soon since I do not get them as frequent as before.

The 1st day of treatment I felt really good.  When I went to bed I noticed a huge change, my jaw was completely relaxed and so were my arms and legs.  I was able to sleep on my back for most of the night with occasionally changing on my sides and so I woke up rested and refreshed.  That is a huge change from my years of sleeping.  I almost always used to clench and twist and turn constantly also my arms used to feel numb and or heavy and could not keep them still.  Also, I used to sleep with my legs crossed, just could not relax them and now it is amazing I don’t feel the urge to cross them which is great because it allows me to rest them.

The first two weeks after the treatment I felt great.  No headaches at all. But then for the past two weeks I have had one or two episodes a week.  Getting either a headache or migraine with bad pain mainly on my left side in between my shoulder blades and radiating to my upper shoulders and to the neck and below the skull.  My emotions have been fluctuating some too.  I have been very emotional like never before on some days and lately just dealing with some irritation.  Thankfully the jaw, arm and legs are still relaxed.  I do have a little more energy than before since I have been sleeping better.  There was one week I had trouble sleeping but I think was hormonal.  Almost forgot to mention that the 1st week I also noticed some good changes in my digestion since I usually suffer from constipation.

Overall, I have felt good.  I am so happy I was able to get my Atlas in place; the changes I have already experienced have been great.  Thank you so much for doing it right.  Look forward to the follow up visit soon.


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Stefan G. (age 19) from Edmonton, AB
Had multiple sprains on both ankles, car accident in 1996
Before atlas correction:
– Difference of leg length by about 2cm
– Knee stiffness and pain when bent for extended periods of time
– Constant lower and upper back pain
– Left hip would “click” any time left leg is raised
– Daily pain would be about a 6-10
– Feet would swell after exercise or walking for longer than 30 minutes
– Trouble sleeping/need to sleep longer to feel rested

– Legs returned to same length
– Knee stiffness and pain virtually gone
– Back pain significantly reduced and most of the time gone
– Hip no longer “clicks”
– Daily pain is now minimal to none
– Feet no longer swell
– Need only 6-8 hours to feel fully rested



Hello, my list of areas to target and a testimonial of what Atlas Profilax does and the shifts it has caused:
– in my hands the arthritis is almost gone so not too much to worry me there
– in my spine the scoliosis is straightening so is troublesome as it shifts
– i had 2 s curves in my neck, and 3 in my spine from the thorax down
– my tailbone was very inverted so it has been shifting, bringing the muscles there into play, as they shift back. I had several very bad falls that resulted in my doing the splits, one when i was 9 actually tore me very badly, and really messed up my pelvis and tailbone.
– The old scar tissue seems to be healing now, and the pelvis is shifting back into place, so basically i am shifting and straightening, and as i do, my many twists and turns and curves are going thru stages of release, as i can reach most muscles that affect my bones, i can move most in, but the ones i cant reach tend to take longer putting pressure on certain areas, the worst is where i have spurs on c7, and they are holding the vertebrae down to about t5 in a weird dance of bones trying to align.
– Also as i had such a bad fall on my head as a baby also resulting in the loss of my kidney at 14, my skull has really been going thru changes as the skull bones shift into where they should have been the last 54 years instead of tipped and twisted at the base as my head was, and all the other surgeries (totaling 10 in all, many on my reproductive organs, my case is the one that made polycystic ovarian syndrome a disease in the medical books.) all of which seems to add to how i have felt emotionally, i have had joy, but also, sad and weeping lately, but then i have had a lot of loss thru accidental deaths and some of the loss i had to block or i would not have made it thru, now i am processing and being grateful for the joys and the blessings and the tragedy that is also a large part of what i have lived thru in this long strange trip its been 🙂

So i hope this helps you, so you understand some of my shifts right now, its like i have healed so many issues, and now i am running thru the movie of them at high speed to make sure they are all understood and nothing is missed while i fine tune anything that may need it…and this is because the atlas correction has made my body begin to regenerate, and it has a lot of work ahead of it, but
it can do it now, instead of deteriorating as it was with age and all the blocked scar tissues. thank you claude, love is the law, musha .
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I am a mother of 10 children and have always been busy and active, until Dec 22/ 2003. After doing groceries and getting the van ready I was on my way home feeling good to be done with those things. While I was waiting for a light chance I was rear ended by a utility truck, I hit the van in front of us and that one hit the one in front of him, the first thing I did was ask my daughter how are you? She was fine and I seemed to be fine also.

Our van was totaled. We did what had to be done and after a couple of hours we got home, I was fine or so I thought I was, I did not feel anything so everything must be fine right? I got a call from my insurance the next day and was asked how I was doing and I told them I was just fine. I did have a little bit of a sore neck but that was all, They asked me if I had it checked out and I told them no I didn’t, So they told me to get that done right away because whiplash is very common, so I asked them if I could go to my chiropractor to get this checked out and that was fine, and yes I had severe whiplash. I did not think it was that bad but was told to take it easy for a few days and hopefully it would clear up. I had to go back in a few days  which turned into a few years and not getting any better, instead I got worse, Six years later  I had a hard time to even walk a short distance. One wrong step and I was in very much pain. I could not sweep a floor anymore lift a pot from the stove and bring it to the table for fear it would drop.If I held something in my left hand I had to make sure I had a finger under the bottom or it would just fall to the ground.

At times I would say to my husband, it would be so nice to be without pain for just one hour. All I did yet was cook meals and do laundry, I could do because they had set everything up for me so I did not have to lift or bend down any lifting was done by our children.

In July 2010 our son in law called from Ohio and told us there was someone coming to Indiana who works on your neck and it will take all your pain away with one treatment. We told him ya sure I can’t see that working. So we left it alone for a bit and a week before this man was to come out to Indiana our son in Law called again and said why not try it, so we decided to give it try, we drove 10 hrs not knowing that there was one only an hour away from here. When we got to Indiana I was in pain but after a nice soak in the hot tub and a little swim I had a good night sleep.We got to the place at 7 in the morning and it was explained to us what was going to be done and he would let us know if we needed it or not, I went first because my husband had it done at the same time. For me it was very painful, it was worse then having my 10 children.

When I got up there was an instant relieve, no more pain, it was hard to believe to be free of pain. We drove 10 hrs home and no pain, I was very tired but no pain.The next day I woke up, no pain Our oldest son came over for lunch and said hey mom ready for an arm-wrestle, I said sure lets try, I didn’t think I would win because he has grown six years older to and has worked in construction for a few years.

But believe it or not he did have to fight for to get me over and so did our youngest son of 20 years old. Hey Zana you corrected Hank but up until today he has not taken up an arm-wrestle with me yet, we used to but that was 7 years ago and I would beat him then, So I did with my other sons but not anymore,  I do have to nice to them now because they are stronger then myself. I have gone from  not being able to do anything to doing everything myself again. Without pain.
Yes, I do have some muscle pain now and then but that is nothing compared to the pain before, and yes there are times that it is not just muscle pain, but I believe it is healing my body. I still go for massage every 2 weeks, but before I had my Atlas corrected I was there once a week and sometimes 2 a week at the chiropractor. I have been back 3 times to the chiropractor and they have a hard time believing to the difference in me.
I can keep writing but I think this is enough I feel great.
Have a blessed new year and God bless  Luke and Gerda Winkels

p.s Luke tells every one that he has a new wife.
PS; This is from Luke: Two weeks after Gerda had her atlas corrected we where all at our daughter’s place in Iowa for labour day weekend. We all went canoeing yes including Gerda (MOM) . She’s a pretty good paddler to. Now I know that white water rafting is in our future again awesome. I have had virtually no trouble with sciatica pains since my atlas was corrected. I can enjoy air conditioning in the truck again Thanks and God bless

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I’ve suffered from hip pain ever since I was a teenager, and more recently a lot of neck and upper back problems – with the very specific feeling that my head was just ‘too heavy’ (little did I know, it literally wasn’t on straight!).

First of all, let me just say WOW – every day since my atlas correction my body has been feeling better and better, shifting back into alignment and making me realize just how “off” it has been for so long. I can’t thank you enough, and although I know it will still take some time before I feel completely “better”, I am well on my way thanks to you. I wish I had known about this years ago, but am just grateful I found it when I did. My body now has a chance to heal in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, and to be healthier and stronger than ever.

Susan P. from Toronto

Dear Dusanka,
I am writing you to thank you again and inform you of the benefits I have received from the correction adjustment procedure to the atlas that you performed on me several months ago. I could not be happier with the results, my back pain is gone, I have much greater mobility, headaches have disappeared and my energy level has much greater limits and I do not get tired like I used to. As you know I was in desperate need of an adjustment to my spine as I was experiencing great pain and serious lack of movement, after the adjustment to the atlas virtually all back pain went away within several hours if not a day. The relief was astounding and brought tears of joy to my eyes, the adjustment was worth it for this alone. The ability to move freely again makes me feel overjoyed and to have even greater mobility was surprising and very pleasing. I had experienced headaches fairly often that of course would quickly become debilitating and these too have dissolved away making life in general much easier and more pleasant. Another surprising benefit to this procedure was the increased energy level, no longer do I feel tired throughout the day and I have an abundance of energy flow that keeps me feeling strong and going right til bedtime. With this increase in energy I have been back to exercising and have been out enjoying my favourite pastime of hiking. In short I could not be happier with the results from this procedure, my life is back and better than ever. Thank you again Dusanka for all that you have done. Kristian

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this is Gina from victoria, BC., who met you at Maple Bay for an atlas session a couple weeks ago.

What a profound change for me!  Positive difference in the following areas:   posture, face, neck, occiput, bite of the teeth in my mouth, more uplifted spirits,etc.    I walked around with no shoes on the beach in Parksville a couple days after the treatment for a couple hours…no problem with the occiput  after that… usually i would have headaches and have to go to the chiropractor.
   If only I knew about this when i was a young child, much time and money would not have been wasted…but still i am happy to find out now…Blessings to you, Gina Keegan

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