AtlasPROfilax® Canada

A Natural and Effective Holistic 
Method for Prevention and Self-healing


R.C. Schümperli developed a unique natural neuromuscular release massage to remove the malrotation of the atlas with only one application: accurately, safely and permanently.

Your atlas should be in this position,
as intended by nature. AtlasPROfilax is a neuromuscular technique that focuses on the deepest layer of neck muscles -the suboccipital muscles- that surrounds and stabilizes the head joints (base of skull, atlas vertebra and axis vertebra). This is done without any twisting, cracking or pulling on the neck.  A later follow-up and additional support, like back massages, are essential for the self-healing process.  The application only needs to be done once. The picture on the right shows the atlas in the position it should be, as intended by nature.

The Method’s Quality

The AtlasPROfilax® Wellness application can and may only be practiced safely by a specialist – an Atlasprof®– who is educated and certified by the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland®–SA  CH-3960 Sierre.

For additional information or to set up an appointment click here to contact any of our certified Atlasprofs® in Canada.


 AtlasPROfilax has been shown to be effective and safe.  AtlasPROfilax is not within the scope or model of chiropractic nor does it constitute a chiropractic adjustment, nor does it remove the necessity for chiropractic care.